Membership Information

The Ford Tennis Club is a member-club of FERA, Ford Employee Recreation Association. Established in 1947, it is one of the charter member-clubs of FERA.

The objectives of the Club include promoting the sport of tennis, building a rapport with other players, enhancing tennis skills, and HAVING FUN!

Membership Requirements

There are no specific tennis skill or employment requirements to belong to the Club. Members play matches throughout the summer months. The club tracks singles matches with a ladder system in which players are ranked from the top to the bottom. New members start at the bottom and can challenge their way to a higher position. A member gets matches by contacting people, within twelve positions of him/her on the ladder, to play. Rankings are updated based on the 20 point ranking system. The club uses an online system to update the ladder standings in real-time. Matches can also be updated via e-mail.

Members play as often as they like and at any public court on which you and your opponent agree. Some people only play a couple of matches, while others may play twenty plus matches a season. We offer a weekly doubles league as well as a singles and doubles tournament. We also have a spring/kickoff outing in May and a fall/finale outing in September. Membership in the club costs only $15 and includes the singles ladder, leagues, tournaments, and most events. You can join the club while attending the kickoff outing or by using our secure Paypal based system.

For more information, contact Ray Lauth.


Online Application and Payment

To join the club, you must agree to the following liability waiver: In exchange for the opportunity to participate in the FORD Tennis Club, I accept full responsibility for any personal injuries to myself including any related treatment or consequences following therefrom, and I further accept responsibility for any damage to my personal property and effects including, but not limited to, damage to or loss of clothing, equipment, eyeglasses, etc. I further agree that I will not hold the Ford Motor Company, or the FORD Tennis Club, or the Ford Tennis Club Board Officers or FERA liable for such injury or damage.
I have read, and I fully understand and agree to the above waiver.

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